Google Recaptcha Alternatives for China

In this article, we will list some of the Google Recaptcha alternatives. As you know Google services including Google Recaptcha are blocked in China so your website visitors cannot submit the forms.

One of our clients, selling goods, had a good size of potential customers from China hence we needed to implement a Recaptcha solution that would work globally. We did some research and found the following as good candidates for Google ReCaptcha alternatives in China:


MTCaptcha is a captcha solution that is built for enterprise needs. It provides a NoCaptcha alternative solution to Google’s Recaptcha v2. It offers multi-user account management, dashboards and log access, and full GDPR and accessibility compliance.

It requires registering an account on their website. It doesn’t offer WordPress plugin instead you have to generate a javascript code using their code generator.

It offers both free and paid options. Though the free option is very limited but good to test it out before buying a paid license.

Solve Media

Solve Media is a captcha service that allows for a number of customization including Math Captcha and Spelling Captcha. The website doesn’t give many details about its features but it is more targeted toward advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can display ads while publishers can monetize their websites by displaying ads through ReCaptcha.


It is a Code Library based solution. It offers widely adopted classic image and audio captcha solutions in multiple languages and allows for the customization of code.

It offers both free and paid versions. The best thing about BotDetect recaptcha solution is that it is available not only as WordPress plugin but also offers integration with various PHP libraries e.g. CodeIgniter, Laravel, CakePHP, etc. It also comes for Java and ASP.NET.

Use Google Recaptcha Globally

Google also offers a solution to use its ReCaptcha solution globally. It requires changing to in code. But this solution doesn’t work nicely with third party plugins that use Google Recaptcha. For example we are using “Contact Form 7 – reCaptcha v2” for the above mentioned client’s websites hence we couldn’t simply make changes to the plugin code. If we would do that then we would have to make changes for all of the client’s websites. On the top every-time we would update the plugin, we would have to make the same change in the plugin for all the websites.

I hope this research would help you to choose Google ReCaptcha alternatives for China and not lose potential clients in such a big market.