Language filtering for AJAX operations

WPML AJAX Call Returns Default Language

If you are facing “WPML AJAX Call Returns Default Language” problem on your WordPress site then we have the solution for you. This is a common problem with developing multi-language WordPress sites with WPML. If you are logged in then the queries in the same browser will return correct results but if you test your […]

Change Currency in WPML Based on Geolocation

Have you ever faced a situation where you needed to change currency in WPML based on geolocation? If so then you must have looked into WPML settings only to find out that WPML doesn’t have any such built-in feature. Following is a piece of code which will change currency in WPML based on geolocation. This […]
Google Recaptcha Alternates for China

Google Recaptcha Alternatives for China

In this article, we will list some of the Google Recaptcha alternatives. As you know Google services including Google Recaptcha are blocked in China so your website visitors cannot submit the forms.
Solving Common Contact Form 7 Issues

Solving Common Contact Form 7 Issues

We all come across scenarios where we face common Contact Form 7 issues. For example the common issue is to use a human readable label for select dropdown menus instead of “—“. Luckily Contact 7 provides filters which can be used to solve some of the common issues. Shortcodes Within Contact Form 7 Forms One […]
search and replace plugin for WordPress

Search and Replace Plugin for WordPress

Have been looking for a good search and replace plugin for WordPress? There are many search and replace WordPress plugins but most of them fail to fulfill your needs. For example if you need to search and replace a url within serialized data then most of the worlds cannot handle that. I have been developing […]
jQuery typeerror invalid - advanced custom fields pro plugin

jQuery typeerror invalid ‘in’ operand a after WordPress upgrade

If you have happened to see this error “jQuery typeerror invalid ‘in’ operand a” in javascript console then it is most probably due to a third party library causing the error. Recently I updated a WordPress core to latest version of 4.4.1 and all of a sudden the ajax based page/post saving functionality of the […]
Broken Next Previous Posts Navigation

Fixing Broken Posts Navigation

According to the WordPress codex the get_previous_post and get_next_post should either return null or empty in single posts navigation when you are at the first or last post. If you come across a situation where these two handy functions do not work as expected then most probably you have installed a plugin which is interfering […]